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Surgical Services

We attempt to minimize any risk to your pet by using the safest anesthetic available, sterile techniques, and careful patient monitoring.

Pre-anesthetic Exam:
Before anesthetic, we will evaluate your pet through a physical exam and certain blood tests.

The anesthetic that is used on your pet will be determined by the surgeon based on your pet's species, breed, size, age, preexisting medical problems, and the procedure that is being performed.

At the Animal Hospital of Sun Prairie, we provide a sterile, germ-free environment for our surgeries. All of our instruments are steam or gas sterilized in packs and one pack is used per surgery. Your pet is kept comfortable during the procedure on a heated water pad. Our surgeons wear scrubs, gowns, sterile gloves, masks, and caps similar to what you see in a human hospital. The surgical site is draped with single use, sterile drape. This environment reduces post-surgical complications, such as infection

A Certified Veterinary Technician will be monitoring your pet before and during anesthesia and recovery. Your pet will be monitored with special equipment that measures the heart rate, breathing and amount of oxygen in the blood.

Postoperative Pain Control:
We are very concerned about the comfort of each surgical patient. Pain control before, during and after surgery is provided as needed.